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Mission Statement:
The mission of Ozzi Dog Parks is to provide a foundation for gathering funding and then working with local city and county governments in developing dog parks in their communities.  We want to see more safe, fun, off leash areas for dog and their owners to enjoy throughout the U.S.   Off leash dog parks provide dedicated space for dogs and neighbors to socialize and is a vital component in any healthy community.
Here’s are some links about the current status of the Capitola (McGregor Property) multi-use Park that will include the dog park that we will have naming rights for and plan to name the Dog Park “Ozzi Dog Park in memory of Joshua Raine Laven”.   Note, this is what we are pushing for and current fundraising will go directly to this new dog park.
This document from the City that includes initial sketches and description of the multi-use park as presented to the Capitola city council (starts on PAGE 9):
Links to site location and City info about the park sponsorship:
Active Projects that your contributions will help with   – or will support?:
1.  Capitola, California (Santa Cruz County) – Ozzi Dog Park in memory of Joshua Raine Laven
We are working with the city of Capitola, who have now set aside 4 acres of land near New Brighton Beach State Park for a multi-use Park.  This park will include the first “Ozzi Dog Park” and will be dedicated in memory Joshua Raine Laven who rode his bicycle from the East Coast all the way across the US to Santa Cruz with his dog Ozzi.
Tragically their trek ended when Josh and Ozzi were stuck by a pickup truck in a “hit and run accident” on Highway 1.  Ozzi survived the crash and stayed at the scene by Josh’s side until he was discovered by cyclists riding by on the following day.   Ozzi has fully recovered and now lives in Capitola with the couple that found and helped him.  They have joined forces with Josh’s family in founding “Ozzi Dog Parks” in hopes of providing more places that they can take Ozzi to run, play and socialize.
2.  Cape Cod, Massachusetts
We are working a few potential locations would be ideal for a dog park on cape cod.  This was where Ozzi grew up, so we feel it’s the next logical place to focus on developing a great leash free area for all the dog lovers and visitors traveling with their dogs on cape cod.
3. Mapping out the route that Josh and Ozzi traveled from Coast to Coast and reaching out to the cities on that route to see about bringing a new off leash dog park to their communities.